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Welcome to Second Story Salons first (of many) blog posts!

I’m not sure if anyone is blogging anymore but I thought it would be a good opportunity to share knowledge, dispel myths and generally have a good old chin-wag about a topic. Any feedback or suggestions would help shape future blogs. Behind my wild curls, I am all ears!

Speaking of curls, today I am going to chat about the overwhelming world of curls, curly girl hair pages and “THE curly girl method.”
This method became famous in 2001 when author and hairstylist Lorraine Massey released a book that really instilled a method that had previously existed but had not really been introduced to the wider public for consumption. The method in simple terms explained how to gently treat naturally curly hair, keep it moisturized and to accentuate rather than interfere with the hair’s natural curl pattern. Fast forward to today and the rise of social media has meant the curly girl method as a raw and simple technique has been somewhat lost in everyone’s feverish typing in the comment box.

Where the hell do you start???

There are many facebook curly groups out there, all from different walks of life and different levels of skill and knowledge in the world of curls, all with an equal say on the pages, they are designed to be a social space for curly girls like you and me.
This means everyone’s comment/advice is seen as important but at this point, I want to caution you all. The information can be quite conflicting and very overwhelming.
Take a breath, damn take a bath if you need, just pause a moment.
Information overload alert, well it was for me!!

Some of the social media pages are giant cauldrons of peoples advice to questions no one has asked.
People are shunned for opinions, product types are recommended without question, but you as the reader are still no better informed on your own curls. It drives me nuts, and as a passionate hairdresser and curly girl a little bit of me dies, when people are told to use KY jelly on their hair, seriously, WTH???

What I am trying to say, my lovelies is that the way through the curly girl page confusion is to form a close relationship firstly with you hairdresser, then with that delicious unruly hair sitting just above your eyebrows.

The key reasons for this is your hairdresser if they know their stuff, will, in fact, know their stuff! I write this blog because in my humble opinion know my stuff. Looking at your hair, I see areas for improvement, I have products that would help you get the most from your ‘fro’…. and I see another person like me who loves to embrace the curls we were both naturally born with.

My background and knowledge of curls stem from my 19 years in the hair industry. I was blessed to be taught by some of Gippsland’s greatest hairdressers Peter and Costa Demetrious who owned Hair Studio 71. Costa first sparked my interest in curls some 17 years ago, and to this day my passion continues to grow. I have just spent 2 days working alongside Amanda and Peter Rickman, the owners of the very well known salon, Purely Curls in Paddington QLD. It was just fantastic learning more techniques to add to my curly obsession. I will be back at the start of next year to continue more training with Amanda and Peter to concur more afro curls, I can’t wait!

So after my little rant, here is my gesture from today’s blog.
Please, come and take a seat in my chair in my beautiful little salon space.
Let’s talk about YOUR hair, rather than reading about 52,467,000 other curly girls hair experience, sure the posts are funny/saucy/rude to read but they don’t really help you do they?
I will somewhat cover the curly girl method, but mostly, I will discuss what is best suited to you, your hair type and what I can do to help you on your curly journey, it really is life-changing!

So ladies, if you are overwhelmed by the whole “curly girl method” fear not, I am here to help you!
If you would like more information on curly style cuts, or what products will best suit your hair type, please take a moment to book in a curly-style cut or even an obligation FREE curly consultation.
I would LOVE to hear from you and help you embrace your curls.

Love Trish xx



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